Class’Code in English

Si Class’Code est un projet avec des contenus francophones tandis que le monde anglo-saxon a lui aussi des initiatives analogues, il peut être utile de pouvoir présenter ce projet en anglais. Voici une première ébauche de texte et de slides.




Class’Code? An open participative solution to help teachers and children activity organizers introducing computer science to girls and boys.

Class’Code’s goal is to train members of the Educational & IT communities how to teach young people from 8 to 14 basic programming and computer science. A free innovative blended learning program that places computer science at the heart of our educational system. It will help familiarise our children with the concept of algorithms and thus have control over the digital world.

Since September 2016 the program has already reached in June 2017 more than 25.000 subscribers, half of them taking benefit of the resources, e.g.,  meetings regularly setup by more than 40 structures all over the country.

Five MOOCs are available, of ten hours each (online and meet-up sessions) allowing us to design and conduct activities with young people. This  includes creative programming, information coding, familiarization with networks, fun robotics, and the related impacts of technology in our society.

The Class’Code project is supported by both academic and industrial federations in computer science,  leads by the SIF (Société Informatique de France) and managed by Inria (the French Research Institute in computer science and applied mathematics). The Magic Makers company is in charge of the pedagogy, Open Classrooms drive the production, while the deployment on the territories includes and  « Les Petits Débrouillards ».


Class’Code presentation in English :